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上海總部  Shanghai Headquarter




1. Be a constant innovative, long lasting operate enterprise for hundreds of years:Integrate technologies of different domains and proceed innovation to fulfill market demand makes the enterprise to become research and development representative of nonwoven new products in Taiwan and constant profit, long lasting operate enterprise for hundreds of years。
2. Be a learning enterprise with concentric circles organization and profit sharing:Be a mutual assistant and complementary learning organization with mutual understanding of upper and lower layers, and enterprise that shares company profit and individual growth with concentric circles of all。
3. Be a service integrative manufacturer, trader and distributor with factory and brand value:Make use of present resources and base of growing roots in cross-straits to develop factories with research and development capability and brands with innovation capability, and become integrative trader with flexible response system, regional distributor operated deep in downstream market in Taiwan and mainland China, and gradually become enterprise with Asia and global brand which promotes products to the whole world and makes them to become necessary merchandise irreplaceable in everyone’s mind。


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  Taiwan Factory
No. 119-2 Sha-Fu-Wei, 8 Lin, Tong-Min Li,
Houlong, Miao-Li, 356 Taiwan
TEL : 886-37-730526
FAX : 886-37-730529

China Factory
No. 2785 Bao-An Road, Ma-Lu Town, Jia-Ding District,
Shanghai 201801 China
TEL : 86-21-39908327 39908361 39908231
FAX : 86-21-39908325

Japan Office
2-27-4-2103 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
104-0033 Japan
TEL : 81-3-5117-3535
FAX : 81-3-5117-3536

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