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上海總部  Shanghai Headquarter


Mascot’s consistent objective is providing fully satisfaction to our customers. Mascot makes the most of operation thoughts of customer satisfaction and builds management of rising customer’s satisfaction. The customer satisfaction regulation is a promise we give to our customers, it combines our several years’ experience and realization。




Mascot becomes a trusted enterprise like partners worthy of our customers and continuously innovation for our goals。

To accomplish this target—

  • We always listen customer’s thoughts。

  • We provide the best products and services to satisfied customer’s real demand。

  • Our employees’ every action is fulfilled sincerity。

  • We are improving and perfecting, not satisfying the present situation。

  • We create happiness and emotion to earn customer’s grateful and reliable。


Mascot  realized that every employee’s quality and knowledge is the key point to lift customer’s satisfaction. For that, we are focusing on employee’s PDCA training. We held PDCA conference regularly; do group discussions and learning workshop in different department. From these training activities, everyone’s quality is going to upgrade continuously no matter the staff of marketing and sales department or the employees do not contact with customers directly。






system. This system is focusing on PDCA committee which is doing “Plan” and “Check”. The purpose of PDCA is reflecting customer’s comments and requirements to Fortune’s products and services. PDCA’s management system is one of Fortune’s important quality management systems. It’s not only one kind of symbol but also the important power for our all salespersons。


PDCA circulations’ theory is according to above systematized systems. It has for functions: “Plan”、”Doing”、”Check”、”Action”. These four functions are developing effects continuously and reflecting customer’s comments and requirements to Fortune’s activities。



The starting point of customer’s satisfaction activities are planning and understanding customer’s demand. Therefore, we are focusing on collecting customer’s comments and requirements. Every contact with customers is our chance to listen customer’s thoughts from daily product selling to maintain service. It is not only makes closely relationship between ours and customer’s, but also amend our direction step by step to increase customer’s satisfaction


PDCA committee is connecting with company’s board of directors directly. Fortune’s General Manager is in charge of the chairperson of committee, the committee members are forming from every department’s manager. At the same time, PDCA committee is connecting with Fortune’s related companies in the world to upgrade global customer’s satisfaction。



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No. 119-2 Sha-Fu-Wei, 8 Lin, Tong-Min Li,
Houlong, Miao-Li, 356 Taiwan
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Shanghai 201801 China
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