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上海總部  Shanghai Headquarter



 Mascot nonwoven group . has spent more than a decade pioneering research and development of Spunlace technology for a continuously expanding marketplace. With a group of skilled electronic engineers, process technicians & product sales engineers in the companies and strong technical back up from group machinery companies, Mascot nonwoven group . has developed substantial expertise & advanced technology in Spunlace and become one of the leading manufacturers in the world.

By committing ourselves to the latest technology, we strive to be a whole solution provider of non-woven industries including roll materials, products, and whole plant design and manufacturing.

Most of our founder members have experiences of non-woven industry or equipment over than 30 years and they are all pioneers for spunlace industrial in Taiwan. In 1994, we successfully developed the first hydro-entanglement production line. In 1998, we established our own Practice Factory and acquired superior technology through the operation from time to time. Until now we have set up totally 9 lines worldwide. Up to date we have achieved a great success not only on spunlace products but also on hydro-entanglement non-woven equipment and whole plant design.




Enthusiasm:Our equipment could be bought and our technique could be learned, however we are willing to pay the enthusiasm and efforts to the non-woven and it is not easy for other companiesS

Quality:Our management concept is focusing on the quality, and offering the best quality for products and service is our target。C

Opportunity:Opportunity is always reserved for someone who has well preparation or who is not but works hard to grab every opportunity and。C

Energy:For keeping our own personality and grow up in the inferior situation, an enterprise should enhance the competitiveness and reserve the energy for organization restructuring。C

Our mission is to exalt the essence of traditional non-woven industry, to acquire the resource from society and contribute to the society. We will develop the local economy step by step and change to livelihood chemical industry、high quality Science Park and finally become the leader of global livelihood chemical industry


Create the profit and contribute to the society。C
Implanting the new life into the traditional industry。G
Exalting the essence of traditional non-woven industry。C
Becoming the new economy force of the small town, Houlong Miao-li。C
Everyone who has dream could have the chance to achieve his dream。

Action from the heart--The culture of sincereness.。C
The profit Concentric circle--The culture of sharing。
Team learning--The culture of learning。
Trust and responsibility--the culture of respect。
Being grateful--the culture of passing down。J



Transcending yourself--The spirits of “ Flying turtle”。J

Think before action--Think over carefully before action then you can do it smoothly。J

Be creative and changeable--【purple】【Blue】ocean strategy。W

Starting late but reaching early--The thought of The Tai Chi Master, Zhang Shan FengT

Turn over in negatively situation--Turning over the situation by taking advantage of others, using the advantages to catch the chancesN


Taking the advantage of China, and global overall arrangement。S

Focusing on the non-woven industry, using the resources wisely, and multi-operate the 60-200-infinity management strategy。S


Profession, passion, trust, sharing growth are our member’s innate characters。G/F/E








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  Taiwan Factory
No. 119-2 Sha-Fu-Wei, 8 Lin, Tong-Min Li,
Houlong, Miao-Li, 356 Taiwan
TEL : 886-37-730526
FAX : 886-37-730529

China Factory
No. 2785 Bao-An Road, Ma-Lu Town, Jia-Ding District,
Shanghai 201801 China
TEL : 86-21-39908327 39908361 39908231
FAX : 86-21-39908325

Japan Office
2-27-4-2103 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
104-0033 Japan
TEL : 81-3-5117-3535
FAX : 81-3-5117-3536

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