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1. Cinte Techtextil China 2010
We attended Cinte Techtextil China 2010. Booth #C021

2. ANEX, Shanghai, China, May 2009
We will attend ANEX, Shanghai, China, May 2009.

3. CINTE TECHTEXTIL, Shanghai, China, Oct. 2008 (booth:W5, E63-E65)

We will attend CINTE TECHTEXTIL, Shanghai, China, Oct. 2008.Our booth no. is W5. E63-E65.

4. INDEX 08, Geneva, Switzerland, Apr. 2008,
We attended INDEX 08, Geneva, Switzerland

5.Other Exhibition review


1. Multi-layer dry & wet flooring wiper
We have developed many unique pattern for dry flooring wiper, we could customize for you.

2. High GSM microfiber products
We have developed the technology of high gsm micro fiber products, the range for the gsm is from 100 g /㎡ ~ 200 g /㎡.

3. Elastic fabric
We have been developing the four direction elastic product and get the support of government.

4. Day Clean
Day clean is our new brand for new market.

5. Latest developed products


1. We invest in finished products market. Our cutting machine can emboss patterns in line. We are also developing the cutting machine which can print and produce multi-layers floor wipe and wet floor wipe. Invest in the development of trasonic machine. Build strategic alliance with filter companies to manufacture filters. Invest in automatic production system of mittens.

2. SBIR has the honor to win government subsidization.








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