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An excellent team which wants to be superior among highly competitive companies and have extraordinary accomplishment requires the persistent spirit of career-respect, devotion, bravery and endeavor. Therefore the company gold medal employee is not just an award, but also model for all staff within company.

As Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee said, ”Any job is worthy for us to do to the best, and make 100% effort.” Doing the job well is employee’s duty. But over 100% performance and efficiency at work which influences colleagues makes the employee irreplaceable within company, as we call “Gold Medal Employee”


a. Abstract thinking
Collect information extensively at any time, and have the ability of observation and fast analyzsis.

b. Feedback acceptance
Be able to notice and control self emotion no matter how huge is the pressure from outside. Sense different feelings in different moments each day, and accept others’ constructive criticism.

c.Accommodation ability
Think in action and act in thinking at any time.

d. Learning capability
Learn others’ advantage and keep on learning the latest knowledge in the renewing and changing environment.
Accomplish works in more multiple ways and directions. Strive to broaden self new vision.

e.Variation ability
  Integrate abstract thinking, feedback acceptance, accommodation ability and learning capability to variation ability
as Hedgehog. Overcome outside changing and difficulties to grow in untoward circumstances.

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